Artie Berne founded ArTex Funding in 2005 as an invoice factoring and finance company. Since its founding, ArTex Funding has evolved to continue meeting customer needs. Today, ArTex Funding is a working capital asset-based lender. ArTex Funding finances companies that have a hard time getting funded. We do not fund startups. We fund young growing companies or companies in financial working capital distress. The company provides various programs to fund businesses while using corporate assets as collateral. We offer many different loans using private debt, hedge fund, pension funds, insurance company, private wealth funds, private equity and family office money funds.

We fund companies that are in transition, growth or distress. We are highly experienced in helping corporations that have working capital or cash flow problems or that are in financial distress. ArTex Funding can collateralize any single corporate asset to secure a line of credit, a term loan, or secured or unsecured bridge funding for your company. 

ArTex Funding is quickly becoming one of the most successful alternative fundning companies in Austin, Texas. We have recently expanded our reach throughout all 50 states, Mexico and Canada. Our sales team offers stellar customer service to ensure your company's growth through our increased ALTERNATIVE ASSET-BASED, WORKING CAPITAL LOAN PORTFOLIO.


           17009 Flintrock Road

            Austin, Texas 78738

           Office: 512.261.0024


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